Brittany Young – Principal Trainer

Brittany is a NDTF certified dog trainer as well as a certified animal nutritionist and canine athlete specialist. Brittany’s passion for nutrition and the role it plays in training animals began with the creation of a raw dog food manufacturing business in 2015, and was the result of countless amazing testimonials of pet parents reclaiming their dog’s health and happiness.

It was from this that Brittany developed a platform to educate other pet parents in all areas of pet health and wellness called The Pet Girl. In 2017, Brittany joined forces with Julia and created That Dog School.

Brittany is owned by a tribe; a working dog mix Yogi, a Labrador Pepsi, a Shetland Sheep Dog Binti, a working Border Collie Vixen and finally a rescue panther Bullseye. All have inspired Brittany to become better educated in animal wellness and pet guardianship.

Julia Terry – Principal Trainer

Julia is an NDTF certified dog trainer, as well as having certifications in captive animal management and wildlife conservation.

Her career with animals began in the zoo industry. Working at facilities such as Wolf Park (Indiana), David Fleay Wildlife Park, and Australia Zoo, she was responsible for the husbandry and training of various captive animal species.

During her 6 years as a zookeeper she grew a specific interest in animal behaviour and training which led to her education with the National Dog Trainer’s Federations in 2015.

Julia’s hands-on dog training experience began as an instructor for The Canine Classroom on the Sunshine Coast. She also spent time as a lead trainer for the Australian Companion and Assistance Dog Organisation. This involved the training of dogs for a variety of service roles, from children with autism to adults suffering from PTSD and other mental health difficulties.
In 2017 she returned to the Gold Coast and soon after joined forces with Brittany to establish That Dog School.

In her spare time Julia competes in Flyball with her dog Honor, a member of the 2019 Flyball Nationals Division 2 Championship team. She also trains in sheep herding with her dog Hamlet.

Bree Whitney – Assistant Trainer

Bree is an NDTF certified dog trainer as well as a qualified animal groomer.

She has previously worked as a manager of a dog day care and it was here that Bree grew a specific interest about dog behaviour and training which led her to pursue her formal dog training certification.

Bree owns three rescue dogs all from the Animal Welfare League; Roxy – is a red cattle dog who you will often find by the side of Bree and two Chihuahua x Mini Foxies named Bella and Indie.