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12 Common Diseases in Dogs: Causes and How to Prevent Diseases

Dogs are friendly animals that are loved by many people. However, like humans, dogs can also suffer from various diseases. Below are 12 common diseases in dogs, including their causes and treatments. 1. Kennel Cough in Dogs Kennel cough is an infectious disease caused by a virus. It is common in puppies, especially those that […]

Muzzles and Dog Training

Muzzles have long held a stigma among the general public as being necessary only for “bad” dogs. The truth is, muzzle training is something that every dog owner should definitely consider as a ‘life skill’. It’s not uncommon for us trainers to hear copious of comments when out with our muzzle trained dogs. “That dog […]

The Biting Puppy ? How do we address biting?

Biting is a totally natural behaviour in puppies. Given they do not have opposable thumbs, young dogs spend a lot of time exploring their surroundings through their mouth. There is also the teething period around 4-6 months of age. During this time your puppy will have sensitive gums and show an increase in biting and […]

Are You Feeding Dinner or Dessert? Are you training your dog with dinner or dessert?

One of the best ever analogies I have heard as a dog trainer was by Pat Stuart from Operant Canine. This may be a slightly butchered version, but the idea is the same: If I asked you to my house for dinner, you’d come, and I would expect that you’d eat the meal I’ve prepared. […]