Does your dog need a boost in confidence? Are they a Nervous Nelly or a Negative Nancy?

Then it’s time to move on the rain cloud and say hello to sunshine with our 6 week Courage Course. The Courage Course is designed to build your dog’s confidence, improve your relationship with them and give you skills and strategies to be a better team to navigate the real world.

Our course will teach you:

  • A solid communication system
  • How to use toys, food and personal play to motivate your dog
  • The importance of biological fulfilment and stimulation
  • Place and mat training to build behaviours
  • How to be a better advocate for your dog
  • The skills to cope with new and novel noises, scary people, frightening dogs and unfamiliar surfaces
  • Obedience that aims to keep your dog safe and prevent those ‘hairy’ situations
  • What nutrition optimising gut health and sets the stage for positive learning
  • What to do if your puppy freaks out about something ‘scary’
  • Easy, fun, practical engagement games that build optimism.

To support you with your learning, you receive access to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group where every exercise performed in class is posted, you can receive ongoing support from other pet parents and your trainers and a place where you can seek clarification and help.

The course cost is $220.00 AUD

The Courage Course is designed for dogs from 5 months that lack general confidence, unfortunately highly reactive or aggressive dogs can not be accommodated (If you do have an aggressive or highly reactive dog, please touch base with us for other training options. Proof of C5 or titer test required.

Our Available Courses

Enrolments are now open for our next intake:

Nerang Bark Royal Hinterland Pet Resort

Dates:  TBA
Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Location: 43 Shepherd Hill Lane, Mount Nathan QLD 4211